What are player's club cards - and should you apply for them?

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If you’re considering playing the pokies the very first time, you may be a little confused about certain aspects of how these Australian businesses operate. You want to learn as much as you can. It's easy enough to insert money into the machine and then press the button to spin the reels, but what you may not know is that you can get money back on every dollar that you spend.

Utilizing the players club card whenever you play begins an opportunity for you to accumulate points or dollars that you can use on other things. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the players club card and why you must have one. Read: 'What are player's club cards - and should you apply for them?'

Leave the big notes at home!

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You work really hard for your money. What you spend your money on is your business, for the most part. If you have children, a spouse, or other family members who are depending on you to help take care of them, then it’s likely that you have more of an incentive to watch how you spend your money than those who don't have any of those responsibilities. If you want to spend your entire pay check on online pokies, that's completely up to you. Although it may not be the smartest thing to do.

More often than not, people are caught between the desire to have a good time while taking a risk that they can win a life-changing amount of money and taking care of their responsibilities. If you're caught up in this torment, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. No matter what your personal financial situation is like. Many believe that the size of the note that you put into a machine has a direct effect on how much you spend. Whether that's true or not, lies in the type of person you are. Read: 'Leave the big notes at home!'

Responsible Advertising: Keep this in mind if you provide pokie machines

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There are many kinds of advertising in the world. It is nearly impossible to prevent somewhat ostentatious advertise finding their way in front of people, or children who shouldn't see them. If you have a business, you might be wondering exactly how you can offer something to the public via advertisements without offending someone, using methods that might attract the wrong age group, or those with addiction propensities.

There is a fine line between the right advertising and creating a situation where children or those with addictive challenges can think that what you're offering is good for them. However, many marketing companies are available to create the right ones. This help businesses work hard, so that your advertising targets the people at the right time. This guide explains your role as the business owner, when it comes to advertising, but let's start with this week's news on online pokies in Australia. Read: 'Responsible Advertising: Keep this in mind if you provide pokie machines'

Be sure to spot the marketing gimmicks - since nothing is free!

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There is absolutely no doubt that the entire idea of gambling in Australia raises eyebrows, infuriates people, and can create some pretty bad situations from time to time. It really is all about controlling yourself and not letting the system take advantage of you.

The best way to prevent yourself from falling into a deep hole where online pokies are concerned, is to know the tricks and marketing techniques that some establishments use to draw you in.

Once you understand some of the things that casinos use to lure you in, and keep you in, the better able you will be to spot it, prevent yourself from going too far, while at the same time providing yourself with a hobby that can last for years. This guide provides you with some of the things to watch out for as you are taking advantage of the benefits designed to separate you from your money. Read: 'Be sure to spot the marketing gimmicks - since nothing is free!'

Tips to avoid becoming addicted to pokies

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If you’re planning a holiday to one of the beach-side cities, you might be planning on spending at least a little time at the casino. However, even though you may not have a problem with pokies now, you could when you return home if you’re not careful. Yes, even a short time gaming can leave you wanting more, which can leave you angry, sad and not at all joyful about the experience. This guide explains how to have a great time playing while on holiday without suffering the consequences of addiction.

Make It an Extra Activity

There is no doubt that you holiday plans focus on activities at the beach, taking in some shows, seeing historical sites and other holiday adventures. You’ll be busy enough, so make sure playing time is minimal.

Incorporate a little time each day, or set one day aside where you’ll try your luck at the pokie machines and stick to it. You’ll run into trouble if you decide to skip out on other activities on your itinerary. That is where the fun ends, because your family, specifically the children have looked forward to this time with you the entire year, so don’t let pokies steal you away. Read: 'Tips to avoid becoming addicted to pokies'

The pros and cons of the 'Deal or No Deal' game

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Australia happens to be the first country that offers an online version of the Deal or No Deal game. If you have ever seen this game in any brick and mortar casino, then you already know how popular it is and how you can spend hours enjoying some hot casino action.

Regular Play is Just Regular Play

During regular play of Deal or No Deal, you will notice that there are not a lot of similarities between the pokie and the television show. What you will notice are a lot of symbols of beautiful women, cases, telephones and a variety of other symbols that relate to the show in one way or another. Read: 'The pros and cons of the 'Deal or No Deal' game'