Be sure to spot the marketing gimmicks - since nothing is free!

Author: Mannie Warren | In category: Pokies

There is absolutely no doubt that the entire idea of gambling in Australia raises eyebrows, infuriates people, and can create some pretty bad situations from time to time. It really is all about controlling yourself and not letting the system take advantage of you.

The best way to prevent yourself from falling into a deep hole where online pokies are concerned, is to know the tricks and marketing techniques that some establishments use to draw you in.

Once you understand some of the things that casinos use to lure you in, and keep you in, the better able you will be to spot it, prevent yourself from going too far, while at the same time providing yourself with a hobby that can last for years. This guide provides you with some of the things to watch out for as you are taking advantage of the benefits designed to separate you from your money.

Free Money and Stuff

Many casinos often offer you the opportunity to use their money to try their games. This happens a lot online, but if you understand that the sole purpose of this money being offered is a marketing gimmick, then you are already ahead of the game.

If you want to play, go ahead and use their money, but stop when you have either won some cash to claim as your own, or the free playing money is gone. You may or may not have enough money to determine whether or not you want to play at that specific establishment, but at least you won't get in too deep with your own cash. And remember, nothing in this world is free. A free bonus might mean you have to bet lots before being able to withdraw your money.

Concerts and Awesome Events

Some of the bigger casinos have concerts featuring big-name entertainers, comedians, singers and other attractions designed to get you onto the casino floor and perhaps be intrigued by the lights, sounds, and flashing dollar signs from the pokies. There may even be big events during holidays or at some random point in time. Some of these events include:

  • pool parties
  • book signings
  • holiday parties
  • wine tastings

The best way to enjoy these things is to go without money in your pocket. Alternatively, go with money that you need to buy dinner and a couple of drinks. However, don't take any gambling money with you. This allows you the opportunity to take advantage of either a free or inexpensive evening without gambling.

Child Care Services

A really hot topic right now is the fact that many of Australia's casinos are considering offering non-profit child care to anyone who might need it. If it is at all possible, it is probably best that you not take your child to a child care facility inside a casino. Sure, the service is convenient but the games are there to lure you in, and to make you think about them all day.

They are there when you drop your child off and when you pick them up. You may see games that look like fun and you’re preoccupied with “what might be” all day. Then when you pick your child up, you may think of an excuse to leave your child in the child care centre for little while longer, so you can go play that game.

Unless you have an incredibly strong will and can refrain from playing the games when you pick up your child, it is probably not a good idea to use this service. However, some people may not be able to afford childcare and even though the casinos do see an opportunity here, you can turn this around to your advantage by allowing them to watch your child while you work, but not give the machines your money.

Spa Coupons

From time to time, you may receive a coupon by email for some spa services that a casino might offer. These are usually in your bigger resorts and hotels, but they are out there and they are incredibly nice. However, keep in mind that this coupon is being offered to you to get you in the building.

Once the casino operator can get you in the building, that’s half the battle to them. It is then up to you to decide whether or not you are going to spend any of your hard-earned money on their games.

Like the childcare centres, if you are strong enough in your mind to refrain from wagering, go ahead and use the spa coupon. If the coupon is lucrative enough, you can get a facial, massage, and other services offered, so enjoy it. The operators are betting (pun intended) that you don’t just use the service and leave, but you’ll have the upper hand if you do.

Free Tournaments

If you’ve become a member of the casino’s players’ club, then you might receive offers to take part in free pokie tournaments. These games are lucrative to the winners, but they are usually hundreds if not more than a thousand players. You have to be present at the end to claim your winnings, if you beat everyone else.

What is left for you to do while you wait to see if you’ve won? Play their games. However, if you want to stop playing, go have dinner or share a few drinks with the people you’re with in the pub, while you’re waiting for the results. This will save you some money and prevent you from being too sad if you don’t win the tournament.

The sooner you understand that all the special deals and offers casino operators send to you is a way to get you into the building, the sooner you'll be able to hold onto more of your money. Enjoy the pokies for a while, they are a great way to try to win money while having fun. However, pay close attention to what you're doing while you are taking advantage of these freebies or highly discounted services. If you don’t think that you can stay in control, then throw the offers away and look elsewhere for fun and entertainment.