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Leave the big notes at home!

Author: Mannie Warren | In category: Games

You work really hard for your money. What you spend your money on is your business, for the most part. If you have children, a spouse, or other family members who are depending on you to help take care of them, then it’s likely that you have more of an incentive to watch how you spend your money than those who don't have any of those responsibilities. If you want to spend your entire pay check on online pokies, that's completely up to you. Although it may not be the smartest thing to do. Read: 'Leave the big notes at home!'

Tips to avoid becoming addicted to pokies

Author: Mannie Warren | In category: Games

If you’re planning a holiday to one of the beach-side cities, you might be planning on spending at least a little time at the casino. However, even though you may not have a problem with pokies now, you could when you return home if you’re not careful. Yes, even a short time gaming can leave you wanting more, which can leave you angry, sad and not at all joyful about the experience. This guide explains how to have a great time playing while on holiday without suffering the consequences of addiction. Read: 'Tips to avoid becoming addicted to pokies'