The pros and cons of the 'Deal or No Deal' game

Author: Mannie Warren | In category: Slots

Australia happens to be the first country that offers an online version of the Deal or No Deal game. If you have ever seen this game in any brick and mortar casino, then you already know how popular it is and how you can spend hours enjoying some hot casino action.

Regular Play is Just Regular Play

During regular play of Deal or No Deal, you will notice that there are not a lot of similarities between the pokie and the television show. What you will notice are a lot of symbols of beautiful women, cases, telephones and a variety of other symbols that relate to the show in one way or another.

Heating Things Up During the Bonus Features

When you hit the bonus feature, you will be in a situation where you feel that you are actually on the game show. It is during this time that you will choose cases and the banker will ring to make you an offer. At that point, you will have the ability to either take what the banker is offering you, or you can press the no deal button and continue cooking cases.

Each time you take a case during the bonus feature and choose not to accept the bankers offer, you are risking winning a smaller amount of money. However, accepting the bankers offer right away can have the same effect.

During each round, cases will be eliminated and you will have fewer to choose from. The hope is that cases with a large amount of money in them are not eliminated during play. Keep in mind that you can end this bonus round any time by pressing the deal button essentially accepting the offer from the banker.

Other Bonus Rounds

Getting more bonus features in any game is what many players look for when wagering online. There are always going to be those games available but in Deal or No Deal, you will have some of the most interactive experiences around.

One of the bonus features hits when you get three “Bonus” symbols with a question mark on them during regular play. The symbols can hit anywhere, on any pay line on the screen.

During this round, you will see 15 boxes on your screen. Eleven of these boxes will hold cash prizes. The other four will have no cash prizes in them and your game will end instantly. That being said, you do have the opportunity to choose a box with the words “Win All” in it. When you click this box you will win everything that is offered during this round. If you hit this box, your round will end and you will be returned to regular play just as you would by choosing an empty box.

Simple Layout for a Lot of Money

You have probably noticed a lot of pokies offering tons of flash, sounds, music and other types of celebratory features. The problem is that when many of these bells and whistles go off, there is not a whole lot going on in your bankroll. The reason software creators do this is to get you a little more excited about what’s happening in the game.

In Deal or No Deal, there is not a whole lot of this action happening. The layout is pretty basic, but that also makes it very easy to use. Fortunately, for the game creators, the whole premise of a game show turned online pokies is something that really draws in the crowds. In fact, if you were to walk into a brick and mortar casino that offered this game, you may notice a line of people waiting to play it.

Even though there is a simple layout on this game, there are opportunities on some of them to change your coin size so that you can play anywhere from a penny a line to a dollar a line. This availability makes this game attainable for those of any size bankroll.

Should You Play?

The question of whether or not you should play Deal or No Deal is really something that is left up to each individual. The familiarity between the game and the television show certainly makes it an attractive game. But, you may be like many others who believe that once you play one of the pokies, they all pretty much operate in the same manner.

It is only a matter of time before more and more of the modern television shows transform to playable pokies to try to promote their shows, and give people even more to do. As always, gamble responsibly and realize that even though your beloved games may be named after a television show, you are still gambling.