Don't play the pokies unless you can follow these rules

Author: Mannie Warren | In category: Casinos

Everyone has their hobbies or activities in which they love to take part. If you have something that you love to do, you have probably noticed that the adult life doesn’t always provide the time you need to take part. Sometimes this is a good thing, especially if what you love to do costs a lot of money, like playing the pokies.

There is a time and place for everything and even if there is a pub or hotel with pokies available, there is a time to play and a time not to play. Even if you have access to them online, there are times when you shouldn’t indulge just because they are at the ready. This guide provides some ideas on when not to play and when you’re good to go have fun. But first, the news of the week.

Don’t Play When You Have Children

Kids are expensive. These days with all the money you’ll need for their food, clothing, education and sporting activities, it’s hard to justify spending money on the machines. This is not taking into account money for birthday gifts, Christmas presents and all the “I want” needs they have.

Keep in mind that this is subjective and it really all depends on what your bank account looks like. However, if your mates want to go out on a night on the town spending hundreds if not thousands on the pokies and you have children, you might want to turn down the invitations.

More often than not, surprise expenses come up that you might not be prepared to deal with if you’ve fed a good chunk of money in the machines. Wait till they’re out on their own or you have a sizable bank account before you try your luck.

Don’t Play When Your Bills Are Due

The lights, the music and the lure of the machines can be fun indeed! However, lights, food, cars and a roof over your head is more fun, and a necessity. So, the next time your mates want you to play, take stock of your bills that are due.

If your house payment is to come out of this week’s pay, don’t play. Clear your mind of everything else and seriously look at what’s happening in your accounts. If you get that nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something, then you probably are. Go outside, take your mind off it for a minute, and then look again.

Can You Ever Play?

For as much as the games get hungry and want you to feed them coins, there are times when it’s okay to play. Playing during certain times can help quench your thirst for the games without leaving you high and dry without cash for what everyone around you seems to need.

Date-night is a great time to play, if you set limits and stick to them, understanding that it is all about entertainment. Below are three times when it’s okay to go have a little fun.

Play When You Can Spare the Extra Money

A nice bank account that allows you to play is nice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often, so pay attention to what you spend. Treat the night as entertainment to help relax you and enjoy a good time. Just know that it can potentially be a rather expensive night. The best way around this is to go with cash and leave your debit cards at home.

When the money’s gone, you’re done for the night. Of course, if you go home and grab the card to get more money, then you might want to ask a mate or your spouse to hold you accountable. This is a good sign that there might be a problem within yourself that you’ll need to deal with.

Play When You You’re Happy

Everyone has a bad day. Things don’t always go as planned and you may not feel like being around a bunch of people. That’s okay though, because you should only visit a casino when you’re happy. Here are some other times to avoid feeding the machines either at a brick and mortar establishment or online:

  • when you’re feeling stressed
  • when you’ve received bad, shocking news
  • when you feel guilty for wanting to play

Sure, the sights and sounds can make you happier, but don’t think that losing money is going to make you happy at all. Of course, you won’t always lose and winning can change nearly every bad day into a good one. However, heading out with an already bad attitude and you could come home feeling a lot worse.

Play When Others Are With You

It may not always be possible, but if you can only play when there are other people around. If you’re headed to a brick and mortar casino, take a mate or two with you. Now here’s the key, when one person in the group runs out of money, you’re done. Time to go home. No questions asked. There is nothing worse than sitting around watching people play when you can’t.

If you’re playing at home, make sure the family is there. Don’t let the kids see the screen of course, but do have the family around. If you’ve spent any time at all online with people around, then you know how your session is going to end. The interruptions will be annoying, yet priceless as you’re games are interrupted. You’ll still have a little time to enjoy yourself, but your family will definitely let you know when they think your time is up.

Australia is becoming famous for their pokies and how much money people spend on them. That being said, it doesn’t have to be all bad and many are having the time of their lives playing without financial issues at all. Use a little common sense, realize that these are machines and not above you, a human, and employ some tactics to enjoy the games to hold on to more of your money while you’re trying to win theirs.